Why I am running?

Since moving into the Westgate area of Ipswich we have had THREE LOCAL ELECTIONS, ONE GENERAL ELECTION and ONE EU REFERENDUM. Labour and Liberal Democrats have knocked on my door to ask for my vote, altogether, ZERO TIMES!
If this is repeated for every household along my street and anywhere else within the ward, and I was the current Liberal Democrat and Labour Councillors for St Margaret’s and Westgate ward, I would hold my head in shame. Clearly our votes don’t count!

I am running for those that feel they have no voice or representation. Labour has swung hard to the left and Jeremy Corbyn thinks it is the 1930s and we all live on food stamps. Liberal Democrats at national and local level make many promises but fail to deliver.

I do not count myself as an ideological Conservative, I clearly believe there is a place for government at every level to help those in need but also to provide a platform for people to aspire to greater things. Every child has the right to a good standard of education, every adult has the right to buy a home of their own and every business has the right to prosper without endless government red tape and high taxes.

The people of St Margaret’s and Westgate need a strong voice at Suffolk County Council and I want to be that voice. So my campaign is underway to earn your trust and your vote on 4th May 2017.

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