Democracy has won

As a Brexit voter, I clearly believe that Britain’s future is best served outside of the EU. Today (3rd November 2016) the high court told the government that they had to consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
Since this announcement I have seen my facebook filled with statuses of “Democracy is Dead” etc etc.
I, however believe that democracy has won the day (providing this decision is not overruled by the Supreme Court).
As a Conservative supporter I was constantly left bemused by how Labour used make decisions and bypass Parliament on matters that should have been properly debated by elected representatives of this country.
We cannot do the same only because on this occasions, it suits us (pro leave campaigners). Parliament was needed to get us into the EU and therefore it should be needed to get us out. Nor should the biggest decision a government has ever had to make since WW2, be left to a select few government officials.
The referendum was a question that was answered, it was not a detailed answer on post EU relationships and trade matters. Those negotiations will of course be for the government to make. However, in a democracy a government is answerable to the people and to parliament. Something of such national importance should not be made by a few politicians without approval based on what they think the country wants.
Parliament serves the people and each member of parliament has the right to fight for the best deal for his/her constituency.