Inept nationally, economically illiterate locally

Labour has shown why they can’t be trusted with taxpayers’ money. Recently, Labour claimed that the County ‘stashes away £220 million of your money’ and stated they would spend it. This is actually tens of millions more than current reserves. Furthermore, over 50% of County Council cash reserves are pre-allocated to finance much needed investment projects across Suffolk. Important projects such as the Upper Orwell Crossing and other important infrastructure project that will help shape Ipswich and Suffolk for many years.

For over 13 years we had a Labour government that saw economic growth between 1997 and 2008, yet they still doubled the national debt and saddled our country with the largest budget deficit of any advanced economy. Worse still, they only posted ONE budget surplus in 13 years and they still claim they did nothing wrong!

Labour have shown they have no clue how to manage finances both nationally or locally. Their track record on this matter is shocking. For 13 years we had a Labour government that was clearly economically illiterate. We don’t need their paint by numbers skills at Suffolk County Council. – Chris Chambers

Labour are dangerous while left in charge of your money, their plans would bankrupt Suffolk County Council in 5 weeks. Their spending plans are unaffordable; using all reserves would leave no money to invest in schools, roads or social care.

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