Chris is a proven public servant and community activist. With a passion for social justice and opportunities for young people, he represents a new generation of social conservatism.

Chris was born on March 21st 1987. His mother who worked as a primary school teacher for more than 30 years raised Chris along with his brother Matthew. Having been brought up in a single parent family environment, he learnt many things, respecting elders, the community and working hard always pays off.

In 2014 Chris bought a house on Chevallier Street with his then fiancé, Magdalena (he got married in May 2015). Chris and Magdalena both work full time. Magdalena works as a Community Care Practitioner for Suffolk County Council and Chris is co-founder of Remus Rewards Ltd – an employee benefits provider.

Co-founding Remus Rewards has provided Chris with the experience and knowledge of business and just how difficult it can be. Chris recognises that business must play an important role within communities, but government must support enterprises with positive policies and create tax incentives to small businesses to allow them to prosper and recruit the next generation.

Chris represents the people of St Margaret’s and Westgate ward for Suffolk County Council with strong voice. Chris acknowledges that the less fortunate people in society need a voice and someone to represent their needs. He knows how difficult it can be to succeed and as a member of Conservative Party that promotes aspiration, you can count on Chris to represent you everyday.

I am on the side of every hardworking individual and family that want to get on in life.

– Chris Chambers