Taking care of Suffolk’s roads

Over the past year, we renewed more than 300 miles of roads across Suffolk at a cost of £10m and we are already working on upgrading more of the county’s road network this summer.

Suffolk Conservatives undertake to repair 1,000 miles of roads – a quarter of the county’s network – over the next four years.  We are setting up specialist teams to focus on the areas such as drainage so we can bring our roads up to a good standard more efficiently.

Chris Chambers said, “I am proud of our record on roads – in the last year alone we have fixed more than 300 miles of road and urgent faults are repaired within five working days.

“In the next four years we will fix 1,000 miles of road right across the County, as we continue to improve our roads.  This means better repairs for St Margarets & Westgate”.

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Taking care of your money

Suffolk Conservatives are proud of their financial record, freezing Council Tax for a full seven years in a row. As we prepare to enter the new financial year and look ahead to future challenges, we remain committed to being a low-tax county; making services more efficient and effective rather than just cutting budgets.

Chris Chambers said, “In future years, we will increase Council Tax by only the barest amount to ensure that Council Taxpayers are only asked to pay more for our services.
“In St Margarets & Westgate this means we can focus more money on critical services such as social care, education, local libraries”.

Last year we increased the budget for both adult social care services and children’s services and we have done so again, ensuring we are investing in our critically important, front-line services. Although there are difficult times ahead, our prudent financial management will see us through and allow us to continue providing these services into the future.

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A positive vision for Ipswich & Suffolk

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This is why it is so important to elect Conservative County Councillors on May 4th in Suffolk. This is what progress looks like, Conservative Suffolk County Councillors working with Conservative Ipswich MP Ben Gummer to move Ipswich FORWARD by investing in infrastructure.

This progress would not have happened if you put Labour or Liberal Democrats in the above sentence. Conservative County Councillors and Ben Gummer understand our town is suffering with traffic problems. They have identified a way to drastically reduce traffic congestion by building the upper Orwell Crossing.

However, Labour led Borough council wish to pile more misery onto drivers in Ipswich by building over 700 homes (to begin with) with all traffic on and off that site going onto Valley Road via Westerfield and Henley Road.

The choice is vast!

Ipswich Labour led Council Approves 1st Outline Application for Ipswich Garden Suburb

Ipswich Conservatives regret that serious concerns were not given further thought before the planning application was approved at the planning committee on Wednesday 8 February. We accept that there is a need for additional housing in Ipswich, however this application for Ipswich Garden Suburb (IGS) has in our opinion been prematurely rushed through.

Those concerns are:

a) Traffic is a major issue as there is already much congestion in the area. With 1100 dwellings the Henley Gate development alone will ultimately add at least 1500 cars to those already using Henley Road as cars will only be able to access the development from Henley Road. There will be a severe impact on the traffic using Henley Road and particularly the Henley Road/Valley Road junction. This is acknowledged by the Highway Authority. Further air pollution will be inevitable and will impact adversely on air quality for local residents.

b) Following extensive work between Ben Gummer MP and Suffolk County Council, the latter recently published some new possible route options for a northern relief road– often also referred to as a ‘Northern Bypass’. Insufficient attention was paid at the planning meeting for the urgent need for this northern route to alleviate the traffic problems. The application could have been delayed until the position on the by-pass had been clarified.

c) The increased traffic and inevitable congestion on Henley Road will lead to rat-running through the roads on The Crofts and the Whitton estate. Consideration needs to be given as to how this problem could be mitigated in the interests of local residents. The £100,000 proposed in the Section 106 Agreement to deal with this problem is completely inadequate.

d) The planning application for Henley Gate is being considered before the Borough Council has formally approved the Infrastructure Development Plan for the IGS. It would be far more sensible to agree an overall Infrastructure Plan – and how it is going to be financed with all the developers involved in the IGS first. This piecemeal approach to infrastructure development will not be to the benefit of the residents of the development in the long term and risks long delays whilst details are being worked out.

e) We feel that there has been inadequacy in consultation with local people about the whole development which will cover many acres of greenfield space and add a significant extension to Ipswich.

In conclusion, we feel it would have made sense to delay the planning meeting a short time so that the details relating to traffic, infrastructure etc could have been worked out in a more comprehensive way.

Northern Fringe development

After knocking on doors and hearing from many concerned residents, I felt it necessary to publish my views on the proposed “Ipswich Garden Suburb” development, better known as the Northern Fringe development. As someone that is running to become your County Councillor this May, I believe it is important that you know my position on the current proposal.

As it stands, I have very strong reservations about the current proposals being put forward. I know my feelings are shared with Ipswich Conservatives and our Member of Parliament, Ben Gummer.

Our town is already suffering with traffic congestion, overcrowded schools and pollution. Building more homes without infrastructure improvements is a recipe for disaster. It is my opinion that no development should take place without: some form of “Northern Bypass” being built first, more school places and a plan to deal with rubbish and pollution. I know these are all issues Ben Gummer MP is working on very closely with Suffolk County Council.

If I am elected to serve you in May, I will take my role seriously in opposing this development in its current form. It is in my opinion that the current plan is wholly ill thought out.

In order to stand with residents and oppose the current plan, I need your help to get me elected in May.

Since Labour currently insist in forcing this current plan through, it is important that Suffolk County Council get a Conservative majority to empower me to push both Councils to review the current approved master plan for the site.
To you, of course, this may not be about politics, you may want someone to listen to your views and represent you. I am promising to do just that and work alongside our MP, Ben Gummer, to implement a positive change in Ipswich and Suffolk.

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