Campaigning for my positive vision

Inept nationally, economically illiterate locally

Labour has shown why they can’t be trusted with taxpayers’ money. Recently, Labour claimed that the County ‘stashes away £220 million of your money’ and stated they would spend it. This is actually tens of millions more than current reserves. Furthermore, over 50% of County Council cash reserves are pre-allocated to finance much needed investment projects across Suffolk. Important projects such as the Upper Orwell Crossing and other important infrastructure project that will help shape Ipswich and Suffolk for many years.

For over 13 years we had a Labour government that saw economic growth between 1997 and 2008, yet they still doubled the national debt and saddled our country with the largest budget deficit of any advanced economy. Worse still, they only posted ONE budget surplus in 13 years and they still claim they did nothing wrong!

Labour have shown they have no clue how to manage finances both nationally or locally. Their track record on this matter is shocking. For 13 years we had a Labour government that was clearly economically illiterate. We don’t need their paint by numbers skills at Suffolk County Council. – Chris Chambers

Labour are dangerous while left in charge of your money, their plans would bankrupt Suffolk County Council in 5 weeks. Their spending plans are unaffordable; using all reserves would leave no money to invest in schools, roads or social care.

Get the Facts

My ‘Listening’ Tour

My ‘listening’ tour continues around St Margarets and Westgate division. Here are just some of the photos from the days out knocking on doors to listen to your concerns. In January I will be announcing some campaign pledges based on issues that have been raised with me on the door steps over the last 3-4 months.

BBC and ‘A day in the life of the ambulance service’

Today saw the BBC spend the day with Ambulance services across the country. This was clearly another politically motivated piece from the BBC. The BBC have absolutely no idea how to stay neutral. You would think they would have learnt their lessons from the GE2015 campaign where they could hardly hide their true allegiances.
Why don’t they concentrate on trying to report factual news or aim to make outstanding and sought after content. With increasing competition from Netflix and Amazon, some would say the BBC needs to up it game to justify their licence fee.

I find it crazy that in this day and age we even have a state funded broadcaster. We are no longer in the 1940s and needing to spread British propaganda across a vast empire.

Some people would say ‘A day in the life of the ambulance service’ is news. If that is the case, why was Ed Balls getting chucked off Strictly given headline news status by the BBC on Monday? You can hardly compare the two stories. Of all the events going on in the world, why was Ed Balls and Strictly Come Dancing given headline news status? I can hazard a guess, because it’s typical BBC deciding on what they want the news to be!

Maybe they could do a special piece on how the BBC tried to cover up the Savile abuse? Or how they almost ruined Cliff Richard’s life and career without any evidence? Or Lord McAlpine scandal? Or BBC staff gagging orders? Or the millions of pounds of tax payers money wasted on severance packages for executives?

Clearly there are problems within the NHS – but whatever problems there may be, they cannot be solved by blindly pumping billions of pounds of tax payers money into an organisation that is the fifth largest (by number of staff) in the world.

The Labour party and the BBC will shout and scream about problems within the NHS. What they don’t tell you is what they would do? They say they would increase funding, but that they fail to tell you how they would pay for it. A strong NHS is only possible with a strong economy and that cannot happen under Labour and it is the BBC that fail to highlight this FACT.

Democracy has won

As a Brexit voter, I clearly believe that Britain’s future is best served outside of the EU. Today (3rd November 2016) the high court told the government that they had to consult Parliament before triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
Since this announcement I have seen my facebook filled with statuses of “Democracy is Dead” etc etc.
I, however believe that democracy has won the day (providing this decision is not overruled by the Supreme Court).
As a Conservative supporter I was constantly left bemused by how Labour used make decisions and bypass Parliament on matters that should have been properly debated by elected representatives of this country.
We cannot do the same only because on this occasions, it suits us (pro leave campaigners). Parliament was needed to get us into the EU and therefore it should be needed to get us out. Nor should the biggest decision a government has ever had to make since WW2, be left to a select few government officials.
The referendum was a question that was answered, it was not a detailed answer on post EU relationships and trade matters. Those negotiations will of course be for the government to make. However, in a democracy a government is answerable to the people and to parliament. Something of such national importance should not be made by a few politicians without approval based on what they think the country wants.
Parliament serves the people and each member of parliament has the right to fight for the best deal for his/her constituency.

Why I am running?

Since moving into the Westgate area of Ipswich we have had THREE LOCAL ELECTIONS, ONE GENERAL ELECTION and ONE EU REFERENDUM. Labour and Liberal Democrats have knocked on my door to ask for my vote, altogether, ZERO TIMES!
If this is repeated for every household along my street and anywhere else within the ward, and I was the current Liberal Democrat and Labour Councillors for St Margaret’s and Westgate ward, I would hold my head in shame. Clearly our votes don’t count!

I am running for those that feel they have no voice or representation. Labour has swung hard to the left and Jeremy Corbyn thinks it is the 1930s and we all live on food stamps. Liberal Democrats at national and local level make many promises but fail to deliver.

I do not count myself as an ideological Conservative, I clearly believe there is a place for government at every level to help those in need but also to provide a platform for people to aspire to greater things. Every child has the right to a good standard of education, every adult has the right to buy a home of their own and every business has the right to prosper without endless government red tape and high taxes.

The people of St Margaret’s and Westgate need a strong voice at Suffolk County Council and I want to be that voice. So my campaign is underway to earn your trust and your vote on 4th May 2017.