I am delighted to see that it is likely that Broomhill Pool will be renovated and re-opened to the public after being closed for years. It was always an excellent facility for families and swimmers. It is clear, however, that the pool will need visitors from outside of Ipswich if it is to thrive and remain open. In order for us to attract visitors from outside Ipswich, we must invest in local infrastructure i.e. suitable parking.

While I will be thrilled to see Broomhill Pool re-open after many years, however, we cannot allow local residents who live in the immediate surrounding area struggle to park or gain access to driveways due to over spill parking from Broomhill Pool.

As someone who lives in the area, Chris is now working with his County Council colleague and cabinet member for Ipswich, Cllr Paul West to find solutions that can best protect local residents and provide Broomhill Swimming Pool adequate parking facilities.

Broomhill Pool is an example of why we must put in place business and investment friendly policies to drive economic growth. This will therefore create jobs and prosperity for families across Ipswich and Suffolk.