Friends of Dales

Last week I attended the Friends of Dales committee meeting to learn about the work they do to preserve this area and to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for all people that come to the site, whether it is dog walkers or children that play on the play equipment that is provided for them.

They all do a fantastic job for the community for conservation of the environment and protecting habitats for local wildlife to thrive in.
I will certainly be taking advantage of this wonderful site by walking my dog and taking in all the beautiful surroundings.
I look forward to working with Friends of Dales over the next 4 years to continue the great work they do.

Excellent Broomhill design – questions remain

My first day as Councillor I went along to see the proposed plans for the Broomhill Swimming Pool development. Good design but questions remain about parking. I am all for job creation but the local residents cannot be negatively impacted for parking on Sherrington Road. Interested to hear any views on the Broomhill development proposal.

Protecting our environment

I’m proud of our record of protecting our county’s environment. Suffolk is one of the most beautiful places in our country, having inspired artists, writers and musicians over the centuries. But we must continue to work hard if we are to fulfil our duty to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

Our energy-from-waste plant takes all of Suffolk’s domestic waste that cannot be recycled and rather than send it to landfill generates enough electricity to power 30,000 homes. As a result, the proportion of Suffolk’s waste that goes to landfill has fallen from 44% to just 1%.

We have invested in our historic market towns and the regeneration at Ipswich waterfront and we will continue our important work to conserve Suffolk’s scenic countryside.

We will work to encourage residents to lead healthier and more active lives by developing cycle networks, enabling more people to enjoy our environment.

Manifesto Pledge

Improving bus and rail services

Suffolk needs a strong and reliable transport network. We need a transport network that can help our businesses thrive, but also help us all get out – visit friends, family and enjoy ourselves.

That’s why we have been working with Network Rail and train operators across our county as part of our campaign for the best possible train services for the people of Suffolk.

That’s why we have pledged to repair 1,000 miles of Suffolk’s roads over the next four years and set up specialist teams to deal with issues like drainage more quickly – keeping our roads in better repair and more accessible.

That’s why we continued our investment in community transport through our Connecting Communities scheme, which has extended services in rural areas, providing people with a reliable community transport service to get them to college, work and hospital.

Manifesto Pledge

Improving education for our children

Suffolk Conservatives have outlined their plans for children’s services in Suffolk with a commitment to increase the percentage of Good or Outstanding Ofsted-rated schools to 100%.
Suffolk Conservatives will work closely with parents, teachers, school leaders and communities to raise educational standards further and equip young people with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

“The best thing we can do for the next generation, regardless of their background, is good education. Regardless of where you start or want to go in life, an education in a good school is the best foundation to build on.
“In Suffolk we have already significantly raised standards of education across the county, from a low point only 3 years ago, to now having nearly 90% of our schools where we want them to be”.

Manifesto Pledge