My support for Lofty Heights

It was fantastic to present Lofty Heights with a cheque for £1000 that can go towards purchasing a new van. Lofty Heights provides such a valuable service to the people of Suffolk by supporting individuals, carers and professionals with preparing people for hospital discharge as well as supporting those with dementia. This is a crucial service that I am extremely proud to support.


Lofty Heights receive many calls from people needing their specialist services. Usually for reasons of ill physical or mental health they need Lofty Heights to declutter, deep clean and make their homes safe. Many are unable to pay for their services and there are times that Loft Heights cannot find funding to help them. So we are aspiring to raise funds to meet this need.

These are Suffolk families or individuals living in great distress and danger for reasons including:

  • the risk of being made homeless as they are unable to comply with basic tenancy conditions
  • having accidents due to the hazardous condition of their home
  • the amount of clutter could prevent emergency services from reaching them
  • their health and well being is adversely affected
  • issues with their neighbours and family or carers
  • regular care, cleaning or support may refuse to attend due to the current condition
  • stress and social exclusion suffered by the whole family (the most common being that children are simply unable to invite friends to play)

This specialist work can take up to 7 days and costs £350 per day for the Lofty Heights team of trained professionals to work with individuals and families to give people their lives, dignity and independence back.

You could help to transform the lives of families and individuals, giving them a fresh start.

If you can help in any way please donate and support the crucial work of Lofty Heights.


St John’s By-election

It was great to be out in the Saturday morning sunshine knocking on doors with James Harding, County Council candidate for St John’s. I have known James for just over a year and since then I have known him to be an engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgable young man. He spent many hours over many months helping my candidacy earlier in the year and it is a pleasure to repay the favour.
James would make an excellent County Councillor who would take his responsibilities seriously and would serve the people of St John’s with great pride.

Enterprise Explorer Day at Suffolk County Council

Yesterday I was one of four Councillors that took part in a Q&A with young people from Fresh Aspirations. The Q&A session provided an insight into the concerns facing young people in Suffolk. The questions ranged from highways budget, public health and the promotion of different cultures and equality at Suffolk County Council. The event was part of the Enterprise Explorer Day being held at Endeavour House.

Save the Upper Orwell Crossing

The Upper Orwell Crossings will do two things: Firstly, it will relieve traffic around the Star Lane gyratory by creating an alternative route across the Orwell. Secondly, it will unlock the Island site for development creating new high value jobs for Ipswich.

The upper orwell crossings project is ready to go with money already allocated by the government, plans drawn up and millions already spent on it. Revising/potentially derailing it is a waste of money.

If you don’t want to see millions of tax payers money wasted, keep Ipswich moving and create high value jobs and investment, sign the petition here.

A Safer Neighbourhood Tour in Westgate

Today I met with Sgt Jonathan Driver and PCSO Virginia Shoesmith. Firstly, I sat with Sgt Driver and discussed the many problems facing the police and communities across Ipswich and Suffolk.
I then had the pleasure of taking in a neighbourhood tour with both Sgt Driver and PCSO Shoesmith. It was clear that they both have a deep knowledge and understanding of the community and its problems and are striving to improve the lives of the people by tackling the crime that straddle parts of Westgate.
During our walkabout in the Westgate division we discussed the impact that drug and alcohol abuse has had on the area and that working with community leaders can help improve the lives of the local population.
We also spoke about the problem of rough sleepers, beggars as well as the work the local safer neighbourhood team are doing to engage with different communities in the division.
I thanked them for taking time out to discuss and highlight the complex problems they face in their day-to-day role as well as the outstanding job they do on behalf of the community they serve.


Northgate Foundation

I am pleased to have been appointed Suffolk County Council representative to the Northgate Foundation.
The Northgate Foundation is a charity which provides financial assistance for educational purposes to young people under the age of 25 who either live or have attended school in Ipswich or Westerfield and have a family household income below £25,000.

Meeting with Suffolk County Council CEO

Today I was pleased to sit down with Deborah Cadman – Suffolk County Council CEO to discuss a range of issues facing our county.
As CEO of Suffolk County Council, Deborah is responsible for implementing and shaping the strategic direction of the County Council and its many departments and services.
During our meeting we discussed social care and how care costs are putting extensive strains on local government budgets and how early prevention methods can help individuals and organisations such as Suffolk County Council.
We also spoke about education and the need for young people to leave school ‘work ready’ and discussed different ways this can be achieved.

Friends of Dales

Last week I attended the Friends of Dales committee meeting to learn about the work they do to preserve this area and to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for all people that come to the site, whether it is dog walkers or children that play on the play equipment that is provided for them.

They all do a fantastic job for the community for conservation of the environment and protecting habitats for local wildlife to thrive in.
I will certainly be taking advantage of this wonderful site by walking my dog and taking in all the beautiful surroundings.
I look forward to working with Friends of Dales over the next 4 years to continue the great work they do.

Excellent Broomhill design – questions remain

My first day as Councillor I went along to see the proposed plans for the Broomhill Swimming Pool development. Good design but questions remain about parking. I am all for job creation but the local residents cannot be negatively impacted for parking on Sherrington Road. Interested to hear any views on the Broomhill development proposal.