Safety First! I will make it a top priority to get street lights on for longer hours in high crime areas.

When on the doorsteps, residents regularly bring up crime as one of their primary concerns. There are issues of drug dealing, anti-social behaviour across the ward and residents are, understandably, nervous about walking in the dark.

Currently street lights are switched off on side roads and non-major routes between the hours of midnight and 5:30am. I believe this is a public safety risk especially during the winter months when people will be walking back from town late at night in darkness.
As County Councillor I will work with the County Council to look at specific areas of Westgate and St Margaret’s where you have asked us to consider having street lights on for longer at night. We want to ensure that all residents feel safe walking the streets and in their homes.

Public safety is always our number one priority and it is imperative we take action. – Chris Chambers.

To tackle crime in the area, we are already talking to charities, the police and Tim Passmore, the Police and Crime Commissioner, to see what more can be done.
I will ensure that real action is taken and will deliver on our pledges to you.


Street Lighting in Jubilee Park Area

I am pleased to announce that new measures have been put in place in the Jubilee Park area of Westgate, Ipswich. All roads between London Road and Bramford Road (East of Yarmouth Road) will see street lighting on permanently throughout the night for the foreseeable future.

These measures have been secured after Cllr Lee Reynolds and I (pictured above) met with County Council Leader Colin Noble and Cllr Paul West, cabinet member for Ipswich to discuss methods that can help to combat gang violence and criminal behaviour. We know people feel less safe when street lights are switched off and the the temporary period currently in place which has seen lights on throughout the night, expires early next year.

Getting lights switched on throughout the night in high crime areas was an issue I campaigned for and it is a pledge that I am happy to have fulfilled to the residents of the Jubilee Park area. I wanted to put people’s minds at rest and to take action early so we can concentrate on other steps to help combat the criminal behaviour that is currently plaguing the area. – Chris Chambers