I have recently heard from a number of residents in the area urging action against commuter parking in the day time on the road in Elsmere Road, Kingsfield and Woodstone Avenues.

As your County Councillor I have made enquiries to see whether there can be any measures taken against this. After speaking with officers at Suffolk Highways, they have indicated that parking restrictions (single yellow lines) could be imposed to prevent commuter parking. This is a cost I am happy to meet through my Local Highways Budget.

However, before any action is taken, I want to give you a chance to give your views as any changes will affect the road you live in.

I have set up this survey that will ask for your thoughts and if the overall opinion is favourable to parking restrictions, I will do my best to ensure that the proposals are brought forward as soon as possible.

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Would you be in favour of parking restrictions?
What road do you live on?