St John’s By-election

It was great to be out in the Saturday morning sunshine knocking on doors with James Harding, County Council candidate for St John’s. I have known James for just over a year and since then I have known him to be an engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgable young man. He spent many hours over many months helping my candidacy earlier in the year and it is a pleasure to repay the favour.
James would make an excellent County Councillor who would take his responsibilities seriously and would serve the people of St John’s with great pride.

Improving education for our children

Suffolk Conservatives have outlined their plans for children’s services in Suffolk with a commitment to increase the percentage of Good or Outstanding Ofsted-rated schools to 100%.
Suffolk Conservatives will work closely with parents, teachers, school leaders and communities to raise educational standards further and equip young people with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

“The best thing we can do for the next generation, regardless of their background, is good education. Regardless of where you start or want to go in life, an education in a good school is the best foundation to build on.
“In Suffolk we have already significantly raised standards of education across the county, from a low point only 3 years ago, to now having nearly 90% of our schools where we want them to be”.

Manifesto Pledge