A Safer Neighbourhood Tour in Westgate

Today I met with Sgt Jonathan Driver and PCSO Virginia Shoesmith. Firstly, I sat with Sgt Driver and discussed the many problems facing the police and communities across Ipswich and Suffolk.
I then had the pleasure of taking in a neighbourhood tour with both Sgt Driver and PCSO Shoesmith. It was clear that they both have a deep knowledge and understanding of the community and its problems and are striving to improve the lives of the people by tackling the crime that straddle parts of Westgate.
During our walkabout in the Westgate division we discussed the impact that drug and alcohol abuse has had on the area and that working with community leaders can help improve the lives of the local population.
We also spoke about the problem of rough sleepers, beggars as well as the work the local safer neighbourhood team are doing to engage with different communities in the division.
I thanked them for taking time out to discuss and highlight the complex problems they face in their day-to-day role as well as the outstanding job they do on behalf of the community they serve.