Anglesea Road 20MPH Zone

I am pleased to confirm to residents of Anglesea Road and the surrounding roads, the proposed 20 MPH Zone has been signed off by the Suffolk Highways department.
During my election campaign it became clear that this scheme had the passionate support of residents. I am pleased that it has now been given the green light and I am sure local residents will welcome the news.
I would like to thank Cllr Lockington and other councillors from all parties who have all worked hard on the issue since it was initially discussed.

Following concerns raised by residents in the Anglesea Road area, the proposed 20 mph speed limit would apply to the roads as seen in this plan.

Taking care of Suffolk’s roads

Over the past year, we renewed more than 300 miles of roads across Suffolk at a cost of £10m and we are already working on upgrading more of the county’s road network this summer.

Suffolk Conservatives undertake to repair 1,000 miles of roads – a quarter of the county’s network – over the next four years.  We are setting up specialist teams to focus on the areas such as drainage so we can bring our roads up to a good standard more efficiently.

Chris Chambers said, “I am proud of our record on roads – in the last year alone we have fixed more than 300 miles of road and urgent faults are repaired within five working days.

“In the next four years we will fix 1,000 miles of road right across the County, as we continue to improve our roads.  This means better repairs for St Margarets & Westgate”.

Manifesto Pledge