Northern Fringe development

After knocking on doors and hearing from many concerned residents, I felt it necessary to publish my views on the proposed “Ipswich Garden Suburb” development, better known as the Northern Fringe development. As someone that is running to become your County Councillor this May, I believe it is important that you know my position on the current proposal.

As it stands, I have very strong reservations about the current proposals being put forward. I know my feelings are shared with Ipswich Conservatives and our Member of Parliament, Ben Gummer.

Our town is already suffering with traffic congestion, overcrowded schools and pollution. Building more homes without infrastructure improvements is a recipe for disaster. It is my opinion that no development should take place without: some form of “Northern Bypass” being built first, more school places and a plan to deal with rubbish and pollution. I know these are all issues Ben Gummer MP is working on very closely with Suffolk County Council.

If I am elected to serve you in May, I will take my role seriously in opposing this development in its current form. It is in my opinion that the current plan is wholly ill thought out.

In order to stand with residents and oppose the current plan, I need your help to get me elected in May.

Since Labour currently insist in forcing this current plan through, it is important that Suffolk County Council get a Conservative majority to empower me to push both Councils to review the current approved master plan for the site.
To you, of course, this may not be about politics, you may want someone to listen to your views and represent you. I am promising to do just that and work alongside our MP, Ben Gummer, to implement a positive change in Ipswich and Suffolk.

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